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Additional Services

Nor'East Roofing Exteriors specializes in all things exteriors. Besides roofing & siding, our teams are excited to offer gutter installation, window replacements, and deck installations. Take a look below to learn more and give us a call to discuss your next project!


Nor'East Roofing Exteriors is proud to offer decking services to homeowners across CT. Our crews are skilled in bringing exterior visions to life. Take a look at a recent project completed, this job included the installation of a sliding glass door to connect their new outdoor space. While this project used pressure-treated boards, we also offer composite decking options and more!


Gutters are a crucial component of every structure. Our team offers gutter & downspout installation along with our exterior services. Whether your gutters are faulty or just in need of a fresh look, Nor'East is here to get the job done. We offer standard gutter services, colored options, copper systems, and more! Give us a call to see how we can help. 

Gutter Guards

As most people know, seasonal gutter cleanings are essential but can be quite a pain. The easiest way to avoid this task and any obstruction to your gutter system is by installing gutter guards. This aluminum shield protects leaves and other debris from collecting in your gutter system and ultimately obstructing the water flow. Our team uses a one-of-a-kind design to create a minimal yet powerful solution. This system can be installed on new or existing gutter systems. 


Nor'East Roofing Exteriors is a one-stop-shop for all things exterior. This includes window replacements using only the highest quality materials. Whether it be a skylight on the roof or a bay window in the living room, our team is ready to get to work. We are able to offer custom sizes and materials to ensure the unique needs of every job can be met. 

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